Mitch McConnell's Grapefruit Stand

by Babs

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released September 28, 2013

Hannah Soren - bello; keyboard on 6
Cliff Schweickart - guitars; vocals
Luke Stevens - drumbz



all rights reserved


Babs Louisville, Kentucky

A Louisville original, Babs has an experimental sound falling somewhere between retro surf rock and psychedelic instrumental.

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Track Name: Public Bath
I dug under your house again
And emerged beneath the trundle bed
The animals bashed in my head
And replaced its air with feather stuffing

Said the elder
Go no further

No one owes me any soap
But I'll take this one for the road
I'm on my way to see the West
There's so much time for country music

Said the elder
Kid get back here
Track Name: Miko Marie
Miko Marie
Your neck is bigger than your head
Track Name: Snail Trail
If I could crawl around the world
And keep my back in tact and curled
It wouldn't matter when I die
As long as I get back in time
For byes among my humid home
With tales to tell from every tree I've seen
And every swamp I've soaked
Into my skin around the world

I hope I make it to the end
And maybe find a friend
To help me cross the giant seas
And one who doesn't tease me
I can't help that I am slow
But I already know
It's been decided so
I can't let this one go

If I could have my miracle
And prove it with a pretty trail
On all the rocks I've visited
And all the sticks and leaves I've crossed
And halfway isn't far enough
So save your salt and heavy feet awhile
Until you see me here
Gone all the way around the world

We won't be together now
Gone for long, I don't know how
I'll ask you not to change my house
Or crush my precious spouse
If I return you can take it all
Demolish every wall
And build yourself a mall
Because I have seen it all
Track Name: Hobo Boba
I lost my head to a hobo down on Winkler
He stuffed my mouth with gumdrops
Licorice and cherry

He told me I would never lose any game I play
Only if I dive and keep my hands and feet away
Track Name: Pre-Farm
Having spent the last few weeks inspecting every inch of soil
I begin to analyze the position of the main road
Blueprinting a master plan of placements and dimensions
I see every rafter, wall, and ceiling in my mind

I'm a Pre-Farmer

And when at last the cartographic aspects are all set in stone
I begin to engineer the tools and the machines
The humans and the animals will integrate with great adequacy
I swear that every cow and pig will walk 'round with a smile

I'm a Pre-Farmer
Track Name: The Long-Eared and the Shelled One
About the long-eared
They said she could
Make a mountain with a molehill
The shelled one even trying
It's like building a canoe
With a trap door

About the long-eared
They saw she went
Racing off to infinity
The shelled one commenced crying
Like the floor of a canoe
With a trap door

She goes fee fi
He goes fo fum

On the hilltop
She looks behind
Sees no shell and lays her head down
Bathing in the sun and in her
Sense of security
Is a dream

On the hilltop
She looks ahead
Sees a shell and hangs her head down
The shelled one with its shuffling
Kept on going, kept on going
Gone done won

She lost fee fi
He won fo fum
Track Name: Crem
So all of the big kids
In the deep end
They don't accept children
With floaties

They prance with their heads loose
Past the bend in the road which
Leads to miniature

Kicking up snowmen to make snow cream
Ice cream, snow cream, we could share
Can we share snow cream, cream, ice?
Just don't hurt the old snowmen
Track Name: Rainbow Checkers
Can't fall asleep with these beetles
They're buzzing in lamps
Wings like paper dolls
Please keep them coming

The old and older are turning to
Wake us up
From these dreams of ours
Pointless dreams of ours

Roll away by stream
Beneath tiles and cement
They say
Nobody there to tell the clouds
There are no rainbows
In games to play

No rainbows in childhood or eating cream cake
Not growing hair or diving in lakes

But beetles in lamps
Light on, light off
Sleep but don't wake
To that high pitched humming