Pum: City Dog & Little Dalmatian's Duet (EP)

by Babs

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released September 28, 2013

Hannah Soren - cello, vocals, drums, percussion
Cliff Schweickart - guitar, vocals, drums, keyboards, bass, harmonica



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Babs Louisville, Kentucky

A Louisville original, Babs has an experimental sound falling somewhere between retro surf rock and psychedelic instrumental.

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Track Name: Rock Star Folk Yolk
I went over to my truck.
My man was layin' on his back.
In the truck, we picked up a bail of hay.
My grandma came into the truck.
She said, "You rock, 'cause you got all the hay bails today."
But my truck went missin'.
Grandma said it went missin'.
I went to the bar and my truck wasn't there.

I left my man in the car.
And my truck didn't get too far.
But my grandma,
She said, "Come over here,
I've got some oatmeal
And a fresh pair of shoes."
But my truck left me for her.
She held my hand and said my man had nice...yeah.
Track Name: Crem
So all of the big kids
In the deep end
They don't accept children
With floaties

They prance with their heads loose
Past the bend in the road which
Leads to miniature

Kicking up snowmen to make snow cream
Ice cream, snow cream, we could share
Can we share snow cream, cream, ice?
Just don't hurt the old snowmen
Track Name: Brisk Tulip
And to eat soft foods
A baby must be tumbling

Weasel beat, stallion
Brisk tulip, brisk tulip

And to eat corn hash
A lady must have yellow hands
Yellow hands

Weasel beat, stallion
Brisk tulip
Track Name: Supper Robe
Track Name: Sandwiches
Comfortable comforter to meats
Flesh between crispy, crunchy sweets
Soaking up cold broth from the leaves
Inward the buttery squashed grape weaves

Soft and fine and so
Sesame coating
Pumpernickel skin

Folded are slivers, triangles sliced
Tomato peelings, pickles diced
Greasiest thumbprints pressed in buns
Reddish and yellow pasted funz

Soft and fine and so
Track Name: Thug Pudge
Drooping teeth and dough rolled out in a face
Majesty in looking out into space
Holy spirit more amazing than Grace
And I counted all the follicles in your ears
You got drool all over your smoke and mirrors
And ah

Bulging eyes at the lids and panting through
Tissue paper crinkled and blown into
Puffing out to squeeze every corner you
Are making origami flowers

City dog and little dalmatian
They always got the beat